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Land Minning

Our unwavering goal is to solidify our position as a premier contractor by consistently providing flawless construction services to demanding projects.

Building Staffs

Rahco Industrial Services, renowned for its highly specialized offerings, excels in delivering work of the utmost quality while adhering to strict project timelines and maintaining an exemplary safety record. With a commitment to precision and expertise, Rahco utilizes cutting-edge technology and appropriate tools to execute all services accurately.

Material Supply

Rahco is a specialized enterprise engaged in the trading and provision of diverse construction materials for a wide array of projects. With a focus on material trading and contracting, rahco locates and supplies an extensive range of items crucial to construction, such as concrete, steel, building blocks, and other associated products.


Rekaz al arabia limited company is an industrial operator providing full range of services.


At rahco, we understand the importance of responsible waste management in today's environmentally conscious world. That's why we offer a range of scrap solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you're a construction company, manufacturing facility

Heavy Equpment Rentals

Construction projects demand vehicles that are rugged, versatile, and capable of handling heavy loads. Our fleet includes a diverse selection of trucks, including dump trucks, flatbed trucks, and utility trucks, designed to tackle the toughest jobs on the construction site.

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